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Welcome.  I have found the butterflies below in my back yard in Georgia.  I was amazed at the varieties and am now interested in their life cycles.  Here are a few things I found note worthy:
  • There are 6 Family varieties.{click here]
    • Swallowtails (Family Papilionidae)
    • Whites and Sulphurs (Family Pieridae)
    • Gossamer-wing Butterflies (Family Lycaenidae)
    • Metalmarks (Family Riodinidae)
    • Brush-footed Butterflies (Family Nymphalidae)
    • Skippers (Family Hesperiidae)
  • They have thin line antennas with a ball on the end unlike moths which are like a fern or brush
  • Live 4 weeks vs the Monarch that will live up to 10 months
  • Wings, when landed, are straight over their bodies unlike moths which will lay flat
  • Moth bodies are fatter and the colors are duller than that of a butterfly

I hope you enjoy your visit

BLACKSWALLOW1.jpg (36275 bytes)
BLACKSWALLOW2.jpg (72842 bytes)
BLACKSWALLOW3.jpg (62590 bytes)
BLACKYELLOW.jpg (75215 bytes)
butter2.jpg (57319 bytes)
butter3.jpg (49681 bytes)
EASTERNTIGER.jpg (82626 bytes)
buckeye4.jpg (58266 bytes)
Tropical Buckeye
gulffritillary1.jpg (63824 bytes)
Gulf Fritillary
gulffritillary2.jpg (62660 bytes)
Gulf Fritillary
gulfritillary3.jpg (81332 bytes)
Gulf Fritillary
Painted Lady.jpg.jpg (51375 bytes)
Painted Lady

carolina_roadside_skipper.jpg (42549 bytes)
Carolina Roadside Skipper
hmmm.jpg (41888 bytes)
Male Fiery Skipper
LongTailSkipper.jpg (50613 bytes)
interesting5.jpg (40402 bytes)
Red Line HairStreak
no1.jpg (91517 bytes)
unsure2.jpg (62963 bytes)
I am unsure of this
sulfur.jpg (68698 bytes)
Mimosa Yellow
Sulfur Butterfly

picb1.jpg (84123 bytes)

picb2.jpg (177955 bytes)

bed2closeup.jpg (143906 bytes)

If you want to use my pictures please link to my sight & credit.  It took diligence in going to the garden and waiting for the critters.  In some cases, pictures are updated when a better one is obtained. Thank you. Ray Spoto


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