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New Testament




4 Gospels Not sure who wrote MK.

Similarities 1) Jesus is Messiah/Christ, specific kind as in Isaiah – Jesus makes peace not warrior 2) Jesus was crucified (Roman form of execusion) political death 3) Jesus is risen – not WAS Jesus but IS Jesus.  He is not dead but the living Christ.


Serafin (snakes) – feet is a euphamism for “sex organ”.


MK – starts out with no geneology – birth – does the birth in 15 verses.

MT and LK do the birth in 3 chapters.

In MK words like immediately /straight away/ right away – MK appears to be in a hurry.

There are 16 chapters in MK and 1-10 dominated by the word immediately.  Chapters 1 – 10 cover 1 year we know this because he never celebrated Passover.  This a major Jewish celebration.


Chapters 11-16 cover a week. – slows down at this point.


MK – inferior because it is greek lower class (street greek)

Mark had a low attention span which is one of the reason he appeared to be in a hurry.  The style of the right is rough.


Mark however appears to have set us up.  He was a hustler.


Luke & John are considered a higher level of Greek most people like Luke and Luke’s stories.


Who is Jesus and ?

Who understands him?


High understanding =   (Demons) – they respond in fear


Low understanding = Crowds and multitudes (group of people).

            Disciples had a low understanding 1:16-20 they follow him even when they don’t get it.


MK 1:23-26



Man’s name for Legion = 12000- pig – symbolic


Understanding is not all that important.  The following is what is important and that is what the disciples and multitudes do.



I believe, so that I might understand.


Demons understand – not important to understand

MK ended at 16-8 and it is believed that what came after was not written by MK because it didn’t have the same kind of Greek.




MK rough language – split stories up 5:21-43

Talitha Koum was Araimaic – and translates it and maybe written for people outside Palistine.


A)    request for healing

B)     women with hemorrage

C)    healing takes place


Understanding was not as important as faith. SOZO means healing or salvation (Greek)


Healing = request to lay hands on her.  Jesus not the only healer in this time.  There were other successful healers.

Touching is what does the healing but in the story of bleeder, the lady touched his robe is vague = was it the word that healed her or the touch


Ch 11:12-26 Jesus curses the fig tree – out of season?

Cleansing of the temple – den of thieves

Fig tree withered


Note: Roman coins had to be changed to Jewish coin plus there is a fee for doing this so there were people at the temple that would do the conversion.


Sending out of 12 Apostellos  AP = to send out and tellos means telephone or television = send out for a purpose

Disciple (Negative or positive?) when they came back they were referred to as Apostles.

Execution of John (mentioned 1st 15 verses) need to get John out of the way?



Young man = Greek Neaniskos


Uses it again in 16:1-8

Linen is also burial cloths so maybe the cloth in the garden becomes Jesus’ burial cloth.


Feeding 5,000


8:1-10 4,000


teaching, healing, and miracles.

Some of the people are Romans / demons

20% loss