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New Testament




4 Gospels Not sure who wrote MK.

Similarities 1) Jesus is Messiah/Christ, specific kind as in Isaiah – Jesus makes peace not warrior 2) Jesus was crucified (Roman form of execusion) political death 3) Jesus is risen – not WAS Jesus but IS Jesus.  He is not dead but the living Christ.


Serafin (snakes) – feet is a euphamism for “sex organ”.


MK – starts out with no geneology – birth – does the birth in 15 verses.

MT and LK do the birth in 3 chapters.

In MK words like immediately /straight away/ right away – MK appears to be in a hurry.

There are 16 chapters in MK and 1-10 dominated by the word immediately.  Chapters 1 – 10 cover 1 year we know this because he never celebrated Passover.  This a major Jewish celebration.


Chapters 11-16 cover a week. – slows down at this point.


MK – inferior because it is greek lower class (street greek)

Mark had a low attention span which is one of the reason he appeared to be in a hurry.  The style of the right is rough.


Mark however appears to have set us up.  He was a hustler.


Luke & John are considered a higher level of Greek most people like Luke and Luke’s stories.


Who is Jesus and ?

Who understands him?


High understanding =   (Demons) – they respond in fear


Low understanding = Crowds and multitudes (group of people).

            Disciples had a low understanding 1:16-20 they follow him even when they don’t get it.


MK 1:23-26



Man’s name for Legion = 12000- pig – symbolic


Understanding is not all that important.  The following is what is important and that is what the disciples and multitudes do.



I believe, so that I might understand.


Demons understand – not important to understand

MK ended at 16-8 and it is believed that what came after was not written by MK because it didn’t have the same kind of Greek.